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Experts on Localized offer career guidance and industry insights. They want to stay connected to their roots and make a difference, like alumni to their alma mater. We partner with the top affinity and diaspora-based groups as well as companies operating in emerging markets.

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  • What are the trends in my industry?
  • What soft skills do we look for in my field?
  • How did I grow my company?
  • What does a day in the life of my job look like?
  • What is it like to interview at my company?

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I loved it. The platform is so smooth and easy to use... I cannot believe how quickly you built out such a robust interface.

Jaime Neck
President, Three Squares, Inc.

I remember being rudderless and seeking guidance and mentorship. If I had Localized back then, I believe there are a lot of mistakes I would have avoided.

Tarik Cherkaui
Software Engineer, Algorithmic Trading @ Millennium

Localized turns brain drain to brain gain.

Haki Abazi
UN Chief of Party

It's a brilliant idea. Virtually every professor I know wants to give back to her home country so finding a way to formalize it is very smart.

Ethan Zuckerman
Director of the Center for Civic Media @ MIT

Connecting experts and employers with tomorrow's talent.

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